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eJar Car Rental

About eJar

eJar is an enterprise oriented platform that is used to manage and automate car rental processes in an effortless and maintainable manner. Customers enjoy the following benefits.

  • Rich and user-friendly interface.
  • Comprehensive and distributed database of clients along with their history, cars, contracts, transactions, dealers…etc.
  • Bilingual support implementing both Arabic and English user interfaces.
  • Accurate and precise cyclic rental tracking; from procurement, rental, movement between branches/ workshops, to selling.
  • Supports various types of individual and corporate contracts including daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly contracts.
  • Automated and flexible embedded financial equations to facilitate contract calculations, percentage deductions, damages, and extra kilometers consumed.
  • Printing facilities regarding formatted bills, invoices, and contracts.
  • Monitoring utilities involving consolidated branch operations and financial data incorporating a set of rich, statistical and graphical reports with the ability to print, export, and/or view in different formats.
  • Integrated reminders to enhance work efficiency and control; notifications for car maintenance dates, lateness in car delivery, etc.
  • Enable and disable certain features for specific users via the embedded security and privileges module.
  • Support both online and offline modes.
  • High availability including cases of disconnection from the Headquarters.
  • High reliability; in the case of a server crash/failure in any branch, data is restored effortlessly and instantly via a copy located at the headquarters office.

Jara Telecommunication

About Jara

Jara Telecommunication is an enterprise oriented platform which ensures that content providers, mobile applications, mobile services, system integrators, and operators are capable of delivering premium mobile services (e.g., SMS, MMS, WAP, SMS to TV, Video streaming, Mobile Advertisements, etc.) to end-users in a seamless and efficient manner through valuable features.

  • Flexible delivery and subscription channels via SMS, MMS, WAP-Push, Web Portal and Email.
  • Comprehensive database which contains rich information about channels, services, subscribers, content, messages, and activities.
  • Dynamic and centralized web-based management system configured via user preferences.
  • Multilingual (Arabic, English, etc.) support for publishing content and web portals. JARA Brochure
  • Rich and informative reporting engine based on statistical and analytical methods.
  • Filter and search capabilities throughout the entire database in accordance with assigned privileges.
  • Mobile advertising support.
  • Efficient campaign management conducted via user profile searching and identifying correct target audiences.
  • Alert system which generates notifications during service downtime, connection failures, or any other predefined event criteria.
  • Complete transaction logging and user trial auditing.
  • Built using state-of-the-art technologies (Microsoft® .NET).
  • Modular and loosely coupled components for increased scalability and reliable operations.
  • Open architecture for seamless and secure integration implemented through standard international methods (APIs).
  • Different access levels and customized views for administrators, service owners, and bulk users allowing simple and focused menus for each category.
  • Powerful and scalable SMS/MMS gateway.
  • SMS to TV feature which includes nickname registration.
  • Ability for content managers to login through a mobile application TSP author, retrieve all services they have access to, send an immediate SMS to their services active subscribers, and/or schedule an SMS operation; all without the need to connect through a TSP web portal online.

Mobile Applications

Phido Wireless

Phido is your portable watch dog and your “Home Security” surveillance application with an easy setup, flexible preferences, and direct functionality once installed. For further information please visit our Phido site. Visit Phido site

Phido Anyplace

Phido is your portable watch dog and your “Home Security” surveillance application with an easy setup, flexible preferences, and direct functionality once installed. For further information please visit our Phido site. Visit Phido site

Personal Assistant (PA)

Personal Assistant provides robust features which enable users to schedule SMS operations, perform auto-send SMS operations on missed calls and much more.

Pregnancy Guide

Our pregnancy and childbirth guide is a general reference covering a wide spectrum of topics and issues women experience during pregnancy, before childbirth, during childbirth, and after childbirth, and provides you with general tips.

International Wisdom Quotes

International wisdom quotes is an app with an impressive array of global wisdom gems and beneficial sayings. Allow them to effect your daily life and make better decisions with international exerience to back you!

Easy Prepaid Number Scanner

EZ Charge is an easy application you can use to quickly charge your phone credit using prepaid cards. It spares you from writing down all the digits, prefix and suffix digits at obtained from your scratched prepaid cards.

Schedule It

Now, and using Schedule It, you can easily schedule the number you want of SMS messages to be sent later in the times of your choice for each message.


Muazin provides an alarm (Adhan) on or before prayer times based on location/city. Various methods are provided in calculating prayer times (Umm al-Qura, Egypt,..etc).

Zakah Calculator

Zakah Calculator aids users in calculating their zakat amount based on embedded equations, rates, and exemptions for different kinds of assets, relative to gold price.

Hajj and Omrah Guide

Our Hajj and Omrah Guide provides detailed steps, provisions, and common mistakes to avoid during all steps. Our application is the best guide in your spiritual journey!