Perspective VMS

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Perspective VMS is a complete security suite that consists of an enterprise digital surveillance system, which support very rich features:


*Perspective VMS is a product of LenSec,LLC


1 Secure communication channels. 2 Elegant and user-friendly web portal. 3 Multilingual User Interface (Arabic, English, French, Spanish, Russian and German).
4 Real-time events viewer and management. 5 Unlimited cameras and multi-site access from a single user login. 6 Map-based functionality for all cameras, access control, detectors, etc.
7 Live view with multi-view capabilities. 8 Video monitoring via all or specific cameras. 9 Motion detection support for archiving and searching.
10 Rich set of informative reports. 11 Support for full filtration, drill down, and/or search capabilities. 12 Complete and real-time transaction logging and user trail auditing.
13 Customizable user and group security privileges. 14 Seamless integration with our Employees Attendance System. 15 RFID Asset Management is an optional, but essential module to track and trace an institutions valuable resources. RFID tags are attached to valuable assets (servers, laptops, documents, etc.) and enable tracking and tracing movement within the premises. Any attempt of moving assets away from the premises is detected through RFID readers and logged in order to ensure accurate asset monitoring and security benefits.