Custom-Built Solutions

At JValley, we understand that it is difficult for our clients to keep up with all the changes in the market place, not to mention the latest technology innovations. That is why we spend time helping our clients with their software development needs.
We keep abreast of the industry and technology changes, so our clients can relax and watch their companies grow and prosper more successfully.We optimize business processes through the use of current and proven technologies.
Our expert software development consultants will analyze requirements and business processes, architect and design the entire system, then implement all of the custom software development needed for the system that best suits your needs, with high quality standards.

Applications Hosting

JValley offers a reliable, high quality infrastructure geared towards hosting client application servers. We relieve our clients from hosting efforts and troubles by servicing servers located at the JValley premises.
At JValley, we currently host Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) hardware solutions for very prestigious international clients.

Technology Consultancy

JValley offers advice and a pragmatic, realistic approach to addressing client needs. We provide “endto- end” services and solutions ranging from strategy development support to enterprise solutions and technology decisions. This enables our clients to become increasingly effective and generate more value through an innovative approach to business processes, well-integrated technology support, and strategic investments in human resources.
Our consultants have an in-depth understanding of their clients as well as their businesses. Our proven track record of delivering solutions in many vertical sectors ensures that all aspects of a client organization – people, processes, and technology – are fully aligned with business strategy.

Our consultants business experiences reside in the following categories:

  • Telecommunication: Value Added Services (VAS), Services Delivery Platforms (SDP), and Mobile Applications.
  • Security: Digital video camera surveillance, access controls, barriers, and RIFD.
  • Banking: Internet banking and backend integration.
  • Public Sector: Revenue management system, cargo tracking system, and GRP systems.
  • Consultancy: Benchmark assessments (e.g. CMMI, ISO).
  • Educational & Scientific: School assessments, telemetry system, thermal heating, and Impact! Echo.